Monday, October 25, 2010

Desensitized - Demo 2010

Awww, hell, I like this one. This was sent to me today by Jhonn who plays in the band Desensitized. These guys are supposed to be a new band from New York City. To be honest, they don't have much in common with most NYHC, aside from maybe some comparisons to early Mob or a rougher Gorilla Biscuits. The most immediate shades of bands that come to mind are CVA-era Paint It Black, but naming specific bangs wouldn't be a fair comparison, because Desensitized are pretty much flat out rooted in fast old school hardcore punk without trying to directly ape off others. I hope good things for these guys, for real.

Download their 2010 demo
Check out their Bandcamp page for higher quality downloads

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spit On Your Grave - unreleased album

A pleasantly nice update to my previous post about Spit On Your Grave. This is a session of unreleased tracks meant for either a 7" or an album, I wasn't quite clear on which. Either way, the quality of these recordings is just great. This could/should have been a great album if released properly. Tracks were sent directly from the singer, Bullseye


Download these unreleased gems

Friday, October 8, 2010

Krack - "Funkwagon McGuillicuddy"

It's been a looooong while since I've posted anything, figured I'd get back in the swing of things with a neat little gem I recently uncovered.

Straight from the singer Mike's mouth, this is a brief writeup on Krack:

"Krack got together I guess '87 or so after The Criminally Insane disbanded. I think at that time it was Jeff Shepard on Bass, DeeJay on vocals, Paul Hutler and Joe Robinson on guitars and Corey Brooks on drums. They recorded a demo whose name I've forgotten. Joe and DeeJay left and I joined, we recorded a demo called Superfix. Then Paul left and Darren Hess joined and Joe Robinson rejoined. We recorded Funkwagon McGuillicuddy on Merkin Records then, and we started playing out a lot more, heading up to New York a few times to play the ABC NO RIO and CBJB's and playing random spots between here and there (my wet dream of opening for Poison Idea in Reading PA), plus down in DC (Barbecued Iguana, Safari Club). Then Corey left and was replaced by Rob Seymour. We signed a contract for 5 albums with Merkin then broke up halfway through recording the first because of 'creative differences' and just random stupidity from being young and not knowing how to compromise.
There's probably a good bit more to the story, but being a drunk and a burnout hasn't really made sharp recall my strength.

I think the first demo might have been called "if You Dare"."

Krack's sound is a noisy mix of punk, sludge, and general fun noise. I'd place them somewhere in between late Black Flag, The Stooges, Celtic Frost and Swiz. Take a listen, that comparison makes a lot more sense than you'd think, trust me.

Download "Funkwagon McGuillicuddy"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spit On Your Grave - 2006 Demo

Spit On Your Grave was a rather overlooked Baltimore band despite coming from a great lineage of bands such as Fighting Chance, Queen Anne's Revenge, Hell To Pay, etc. After the breakup of Fighting Chance, 4 of the remaining members formed Spit On Your Grave (or Suck Off Your Grandpa, or any other possible offensive name they could shoehorn into SOYG...). While much of Fighting Chance's music was skinhead oriented Oi!/streetrock with ever increasing punk/hardcore additions, Spit On Your Grave came out swinging with a full tilt hardcore sound with comparisons ranging everywhere from Warzone and early Madball to Crumbsuckers and Gut Instinct.

Though coming directly from a big name band can be beneficial, this also meant SOYG was forced to start over from the beginning, and in my opinion, never quite reached the attention grabbing status of Fighting Chance by the time they broke up, which is a shame. What's more is the band only managed 2 released demos and a shirt or two, severely limiting the evidence of their existence until some nerd comes along and digs them up 10 years from now ala such painfully overlooked bands as Show Of Force and Our Gang. According to bassist Tim, there is a large handful of unreleased high quality recorded tracks meant for a 7" or album sitting around, hopefully these will see the light of day very soon.

Download the 2006 demo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Harsh Truth - Life Is Perfect

This CD needs more listeners like a bum needs a job. With the current upswing of bands attempting to ape and capitalize off of ironic 90's worship, Harsh Truth walk the walk like no other because they were actually there. A very infrequently on and off project since about 1989, the band directly pulled from the then-current surge of heavier NY bands such as Killing Time and Inside Out, but as always giving the music a brutal Baltimore twist. Vocalist Richie was actually the original singer for Gut Instinct before Sebastian, so that should give you a good idea of how the vocals sound right off the bat. Throaty, grimy, and forceful. Musically, the 2000's era incarnation of the band benefited from guitarist Josh's doom and underground rock influence, 5150/Orange heads and all. Among the band's direct family tree is an endless list of great local names like Next Step Up, Hell To Pay, Initial Reaction, Fighting Chance, and many more. Put all those bands in a blender, and you've pretty much got Harsh Truth's uncompromising sound. A sorely overlooked band due to the usual misfortunes of the underground.

Harsh Truth released 2 songs on the Belly Of The Beast comp, which were rereleased in 2006 on A389 Records as a 7" with a long lost intro track. After a lineup shift the band recorded this CD, which includes live versions of the two 7" tracks, recorded at CBGB during the Gut Instinct reunion weekend tour. They played their last show in 2007 before falling victim to busy schedules and responsibilities beyond hardcore (yes, I know you're shocked, but they do exist).

Download the album
You can hear the 7" tracks on their Myspace

Curse Of Years - 1998 Demo

Curse Of Years was a very brief band in the Baltimore spotlight, but I always felt something better could have come of them. This was the band that my friend Josh was in immediately before (or around the time of) joining Stout. The overall sound is nothing surprising for a 90's Baltimore band, very distinct shades of Gut Instinct, Breakdown, and Outburst ooze through every crack. The real treat of all of this is Josh's RAW, gruesome vocals, which is what drew me to them in the first place before I even knew he was in the band. I first heard of this entire ordeal via a comp called Belly Of The Beast that Josh put out, which had a COY song on it called "Days In Black". I was blown away by the band, and frantically asked around wondering who was responsible for this, not knowing at all he could sing like that!

According to the bio on their Myspace, the band basically self imploded from musical differences and lineup/musical taste changes. Josh went on to Stout, a reformed version of Harsh Truth (who I will post very soon), and even an instrumental prog/doom project known as Chowder (highly worth tracking down here). Guitarist Greg Clark ended up doing a doom project known as King Valley. Before their demise, the band mustered out this demo, the two BOTB comp tracks, a rendition of "Skinhead Youth" for the famous Raybeez tribute comp, and various rare practice and live tracks.

Download the demo

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Killed By Memories - Forever Doesn't Last

A long lost Jersey metalcore CD from yet another internerd friend, this time the guitarist Bobby "The Toecutter" who I have lightly conversed with on the famous East Coast Hardcore Messageboard for a few years now. I will qualify this entry by saying that this style is far from my cup of tea, but it brings back a lot of memories from the very early 2000's seeing bands like Poison The Well and any number of fly by night Tribunal Records style/ripoff bands (I'm looking at you, Heartscarved). I won't be bugging them for a reunion anytime soon, but if songs like "Darker Side Of...." come on shuffle, I won't turn them off. *Insert ECHC board inside joke*

Download the album