Monday, October 25, 2010

Desensitized - Demo 2010

Awww, hell, I like this one. This was sent to me today by Jhonn who plays in the band Desensitized. These guys are supposed to be a new band from New York City. To be honest, they don't have much in common with most NYHC, aside from maybe some comparisons to early Mob or a rougher Gorilla Biscuits. The most immediate shades of bands that come to mind are CVA-era Paint It Black, but naming specific bangs wouldn't be a fair comparison, because Desensitized are pretty much flat out rooted in fast old school hardcore punk without trying to directly ape off others. I hope good things for these guys, for real.

Download their 2010 demo
Check out their Bandcamp page for higher quality downloads

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